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南島文化中心 Center of Austronesian Culture, NTTU
歡迎光臨國立臺東大學南島文化中心!! Welcome to CAC
The Center of Austronesian Culture at the National Taitung University

National Taitung University (NTTU) is the only national university located on the Southeast Coast of Taiwan. The relatively less-industrialized Southeastern Taiwan is well-known for its beautiful coastal and mountainous scenery alone with a high percentage of indigenous population and a diverse cultural landscape. Founded in the year 2014, the Center of Austronesian Culture, is commissioned to carry out the following tasks:

• Promoting research, teaching and learning of Austronesian cultures both in Taiwan and worldwide;
• Promoting scholarly exchange and collaborative projects among Austronesian studies scholars worldwide;
• Promoting cultural exchange among Austronesian communities both in Taiwan and worldwide;
• Empowering Austronesian communities through practice-oriented anthropological research both in Taiwan and worldwide;
• Enhancing collaborative research and practice networking in Taitung area.