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南島文化中心 Center of Austronesian Culture, NTTU
歡迎光臨國立臺東大學南島文化中心!! Welcome to CAC
Current Project

Current Projects of the Center of Austronesian Culture

• Economic Cooperation Strategy Assessment of the Indigenous Villages of East Coast Taiwan

• Concept and Strategies of Mainstreamization of Taiwan Indigenous Cultures

• Building and Consolidating GIS System for the Eastern Taiwan Indigenous Settlements

• Community Social Resource Assessment of Southeast Taiwan Indigenous Communities

• Community Empowerment of the Indigenous Villages of Eastern Taiwan

• Revitalization of Traditional Stone Houses Architecture of the Lekuleku River Basin Old Bunun Villages

• Sarawak Ethnographic Fieldwork Training Program

• Cultural Heritage and Cultural Resource Management Training Program

• Amis Maritime Cultural APP Development Project

• Collaborative Community Exhibitions Project