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南島文化中心 Center of Austronesian Culture, NTTU
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Visiting Program(Schorlar/Student)


    To facilitate international academic exchanges, Center of Austronesian Culture, National Taitung University, invites university and research institution faculties and graduate students to apply for Visiting Scholar/Visiting Student Program to carry out field research in Taiwan. Applicant’s research focus should be related to at least one of the following subjects:
(1) Ethnography of the Indigenous Austronesian speaking communities of Taiwan,
(2) Comparative study of the Austronesian cultures and societies between Taiwan, Insular Southeast and Oceania, and
(3) Contemporary social, politico-economic and environmental issues facing the Austronesian communities of Taiwan and worldwide.

    Applicants who are faculty members of university and research institute will be accepted as Visiting Scholars and graduate students as Visiting Students. All applicants should have one NTTU’s faculty member as project coordinator/supervisor. At present, the visiting program of the Center of Austronesian Culture does not provide funding for the visitors. However, basic university housing is available at discount rate upon request.

    For application, applicants need to provide the following documents:
(1) research proposal;
(2) curriculum vitae;
(3) recommendation letter from thesis advisor (for graduate student only);
(4) proof of funding received or other financial capacities for the visiting period;
(5) insurance policy that covers the visiting period, and
(6) a concurrence letter from NTTU coordinator/supervisor. Please send these documents directly to the office of the Center of Austronesian Culture at No. 684, Section 1, Zhonghua Rd, Taitung City, Taitung County, 950, Taiwan, ROC, or through email to For inquiry and further information, please contact Director Bien CHIANG, at

    Visiting scholar/visiting student are expected to adhere to internationally honored research ethics in conducting fieldwork (if fieldwork is included in the research project) as well as general academic ethic. For visitor whose visiting period exceeds six months, he/she is required to give a scholarly talk on the research subject during the visiting period. All visitors are also expected to acknowledge NTTU in their publications or dissertations that are derived from the research visit. Copies or reprints of these works should be provided to NTTU library.

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