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一、以與台灣原住民具有語言文化同源關西的島嶼東南亞(Insular Southeast Asia)國家為目標範圍;







Center of Southeast Asian Ethnicities, Cultures and Societies is established with offices in National Taitung University and Universitas Tanjungpura, West Kalimantan, Indonesia. The Center would serve as a platform for the strengthening of scholarly and educational exchange between the two countries.





The missions of the Center include:

(1) organizing academic and educational functions to promote exchange of faculties and students between the two countries;

(2) match-making researchers from both countries to conceive and conduct joint research projects;

(3) compiling scientific information useful for industries and enterprises from each country and operate in the partner country to promote culturally sensible, socially responsible and environmentally sustainable manners of business operation.

In addition, the Center carries out the above missions with a special concern for the reinvigoration and continuation of Austronesian culture and language, which are the heritage of both the Indigenous People of Taiwan and the majority population of Insular Southeast Asian Countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Brunei and East Timor). Basing on an appreciation of these deep-rooted cultural and linguistic commonalities, the Center is also committed to promote mutual understanding (through visiting and cultural learning programs) between the Indigenous Peoples of Taiwan and the peoples of Insular Southeast Asia.